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tv   Headline News  RT  November 7, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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coming up on r t in geneva negotiators discuss iran's nuclear program right as u.s. iranian relations seem to be thawing but what does israel have to say about all of this a look at the nuclear implications of these negotiations ahead and be aware or be away or a.t.m. t. customers a new report shows that the company is voluntarily handing over phone records to the cia plus we'll take a closer look at how mainstream impression is really coming in the wake of all of these n.s.a. revelations that's all new in today's tech report plus prison inmates cheating the system for millions of taxpayer dollars we'll tell you how unemployment money meant to help those in need is actually going to people who are locked up.
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it's thursday november seventh four pm in washington d.c. i'm meghan lopez and you are watching r.t. well starting off this hour it's one of the discussion. world leaders one huge leap forward when it comes to ending the nuclear standoff between the u.s. and iran p five plus one negotiators from the u.s. iran britain france germany russia and china met in geneva today for the first session in a two day meeting the goal is to come up with a framework to deal with iran's nuclear program and to limit the country's ability to create weapons this meeting is monumental in importance not only because of the nuclear implications but also because of the warming relations between d.c. and tech ron with the country's new leader hassan rouhani to talk more in-depth about all of this i'm joined now by brian becker he's the national coordinator at
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the answer coalition thank you so much for joining me first of all let's start off with the likelihood that anything will actually come from these negotiations what do you think it is well the united states has severe economic sanctions on iran iran's banking system is basically frozen out of the international economic situation it can't sell its oil and iranian assets are frozen all over the world the united states may want to have some progress with the talks but ultimately the united states isn't really worried about iran's nuclear weapons around doesn't possess nuclear weapons the u.s. doesn't say does possess nuclear weapons iran is a member of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty say unlike israel for instance which does not allow inspectors what the u.s. really wants is to overthrow the government in iran it's a long term proposition the sanctions are designed to destabilize iran and they thinking the u.s. is thinking right now with the new elections that perhaps there's some vulnerability inside the iranian government that they can exploit i think that's
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the real strategy so one of the things that we have to address here is obviously the obama administration is opening itself up to these kinds of talks however is that what congress wants considering the fact that before president obama even discussed the idea of meeting with iranian officials congress had put on the table . another round of possible sanctions all right i mean the congress is devoted to analysts war not only in the middle east but all around the world i mean it's really dominated by the most hawk like figures the most militarized forces are pro militarist forces so now we have congress glibly trying to put new economic sanctions even harsher economic sanctions which have already caused a lot of economic suffering for the iranian people obama's got that right wing pressure on him but overall i would say that while there is a right wing pressure in congress obama and the right wing have as i said a general strategic agreement that the real goal is not to stop a so-called nuclear weapons program in iran but they carry out ultimately the
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destabilization of iran and regime change now one of the really interesting kind of things of all of this is obviously the u.s. has very close ties with both saudi arabia and israel which both have a very vested interest and how this p five plus one negotiations go do we have any idea at this point how they're responding to these warming tensions well you can you can see in the in the orientation where the netanyahu government in israel for instance that they are totally opposed to any sort of peaceful outcome any sort of negotiated settlement why is that because israel really benefits from complete tension in the middle east it says to the united states here you have a reliable ally a partner really a proxy in the middle east in this troubled region where two thirds of the world's oil is and with constant tension and war israel proves to the united states why it should get four billion dollars every year in tax payers money so israel is opposed to the negotiations the saudis have also an existential opposition to the iranian
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government because they know that what happened in iran in one nine hundred seventy nine when the people rose up and overthrew the king that could happen in saudi arabia too that's why the saudis are really afraid of iran because they know that there could be revolutions that spread throughout the entire region and the u.s. isn't only dealing with pressures from saudi arabia and. israel from outside the country they're also dealing with these pressures from inside and a recent usa today article apec president michael cosign said apec continues to support congressional action to adopt legislation to further strengthen sanctions and there will absolutely be no pause delay or moratorium in our efforts so can you talk about the influence of a lobbying group like a pact on decisions that are made in these negotiations and in the future well i think apec is a strong lobby we know that but you know i think their influence is somewhat exaggerated you could see apec was demanding war against syria but once the american people were engaged once the american people made it clear that there was a cross the board opposition to a new war against syria the influence of apec so supposedly so grand actually
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started to be seen in its real perspective the united states government isn't taking its cues in terms of strategy in the strategically resource rich part of the world from a pact even though yes they. millions of dollars every year to congress ultimately the u.s. makes its decisions based on its geo strategic interests as an empire in the area of the world that has two thirds of the world's oil and how this all plays out in the future and how these tensions actually ease and relations really build between these two countries where on a new front we're going to see how it all happens with passanante at the day the rains really but what we do have is israel calling them a wolf in sheep's clothing brian becker national coordinator of the antelope coalition thank you so much. well american spy agencies have been in the spotlight over the past few months with heads of the national security agency and director of the national intelligence agency in the hot seat multiple times over the past few
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months to publicly face up to allegations that they've been overreaching in their surveillance efforts today began a new chapter in britain's investigation into how what their country spy agencies are cooperating with foreign intelligence agencies like new wants like the n.s.a. now in their first joint public hearing the heads of britain's story intelligence agencies were faced with questions from parliament ortiz sarah forth has more well of course the searching coming as a sensitive time for the government and those intelligence agencies on the back of the edward snowden revelations now we saw these three spy chief being questioned over a broad range of issues but i'm going to take if you like to the. c.h.p. chief in love and he was asked why it was necessary for the majority to have intelligence gathered in the attempts to catch the minority that is a doing wrong and he answered that with an analogy of a haystack so trying to find
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a needle in a haystack essentially saying that they don't look at the innocent hey if you like is an analogy that he used a fair bit do you think we really saw the level of scrutiny that a lot of people will have been calling for indeed if you think at the beginning of the session we heard it said that witnesses are going to be else to reveal any secret information so you were never really going to get any mind blowing revelations from those three spy chief but i do think people have been looking perhaps for the questioning to have gone a little bit further on some of those points and i think one of the most interesting bits in that question and answer session was when the. boss said the. much of their success lies in terrorists being unaware of what they do and he went on to say that as a direct consequence of the snowden revelations their task has been made more
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difficult now let's take a listen to that the cumulative effect of the media coverage. of all media coverage will make the job that we have far far harder for years to come the leaks from snowden have been very damaging they put our operations at risk is clear that our adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee our card is nothing you don't know but do you have any. information you can share with us as do i too hard evidence the terrorists or potential terrorists have been looking at these reports not in this public form and again i'm not sure that people are going to be fully satisfied with the answers that they received the main issue here i think is that a lot of the questions a lot of the answers given from those spite sheets were centrally asking the public to take it on trust you know we're not sneakers that's not what we do we're protecting. lives in the and the country and i think the problem is in the wake of
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the edward snowden revelations of course a lot of that trust has been eroded and say that is where the difficulty is going to live or certainly there are some interesting bits of information in that that are going to be very closely scrutinized but i think certain you're going to see this debate continuing that was our to correspondent sara firth in london well it is thursday so that means it's time for our weekly tech report on deck this week cryptography goes mainstream it appears the cia is in bed with a.t.m. t. and it's back the underground illegal trading website known as the silk road was put on a four week hiatus after the f.b.i. shut it down but despite law enforced. best efforts to stop the illegal gun and drug trade the site is back up and running again what we begin with a t.n.t. an article published today by the new york times reports that the cia is paying the
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telecommunications giant more than ten million dollars a year to assist with oversee terrorism investigations essentially it was handing over trident which rows of phone records to the cia on a wall and terry basis no subpoenas no court records of your data for sale earlier i spoke with founder of love a bit levinson he closed his encryption service down after the f.b.i. forced him to hand over the key which provides unabated access to all of his clients e-mails and information he says that he isn't really all that surprised that the cia and eighteen t are in cahoots no it doesn't surprise me at all. the f.b.i. makes it a point of recruiting commercial companies like lava bit like eighteen tea. into a program that they're calling in for guard that allows commercial companies to collaborate with law enforcement on legitimate investigations the fact that some of these investigations have basically gone over the line doesn't surprise me in the
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least given my experience and one of the points that i found really very interesting about this case is that the cia is paying a ten million dollars a year is what we're hearing and some figures however they didn't only refuse to pay you they've charged you they find you five thousand dollars a day so what's what do you think of that i think the the issue is pretty clear i was going to. had them pay me two thousand dollars to cover the cost of putting in the equipment and the development time to actually create the logic necessary to log out the information they wanted well the fact that they turned me down to me was a pretty clear indication that what they really wanted was more than just the maid information and if they accepted my solution they wouldn't get that what they really wanted were those s.s.l. keys because that gave them blanket access to the entire system and all of the
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information coming in and out of the network now the last time that i interviewed you you had said that you were in the process of trying to release that s.s.l. key and actually teaming up with others to kind of release it so that there can be other alive a bit like companies where you at net process right now well i'm not trying to release the s.s.l. key but i am trying to release the source code that powered lava bit in the hopes that you know at least. because love a bit has to remain shut down by the court case works its way through the system which could take a year maybe two i thought the next best thing to having a lot of a bit out there would be one hundred love a bit like services. so i've teamed up with a couple other people that are very influential in the email security field and the idea we came up with is hey if you're going to release this code let's integrate support for a new protocol that makes security a priority so that we can fix this problem at its core and prevent something like
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this from happening again and our hope is to get that code out there in the spring so that other people can benefit from security and that was one of the many projects that you are currently working on you're also working on as i understand it you've teamed up with silent circle to create a kickstarter with email encryption services known as dark mail something i have to ask you because the f.b.i. was able to get its hands on lava bit and forced you to give up that information what is the difference now between this dark mail and lava bit in terms of encryption. will the idea behind dark mail is that will let me back up a little bit the goal of the love bit encryption system was to remove lava bit from the surveillance equation by not allowing us to get access to users' information well we realized based on what happened that just because i don't have access doesn't mean the feds can't gain access so what we talked about doing that silent
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circle is coming up with a new protocol adapting some of the stuff they've developed for their other products and basically rolling it out globally so that everybody can get it and encryption that is a system where the only computer or device capable of decrypting an email message is the user's computer itself so no matter what happens the service provider we can't. give them any information or any. method of accessing that information and what we're trying to do is we're trying to push surveillance back down to the individual if you want to find out what somebody is saying you have to go ask them. you can't recruit the service provider to spy secretly on your behalf so transparency all the way down to the person so that they can know exactly what is happening with their very private information how do you defend yourself if you don't know what's going on what's going on that is
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a very good question now something that's really interesting in the wake of all these edward snowden revelations is the fact that in many ways the cryptography in christian service is it's become a bit mainstream do you feel that way i don't think encrypted is becoming mainstream but i think there's a greater realisation that it needs to become mainstream and going back to dark that's our goal is to integrate encryption into the protocol so that anybody who can use e-mail today will be able to use dark mail tomorrow and benefit from it security and i think we're going to see is a new generation of products and protocols that take that same approach i think we spent the last thirty years trying to make things work on the internet and we're probably going to be spending the next ten to twenty years moving from trying to make things work to try to make things secure and i'm sure you've gotten a lot of support for this have you not yeah thousands of backers i checked this
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morning and we've already raised seventy thousand dollars wonderful well let's switch topics one more time meanwhile this underground internet site known as the silk road was discovered by the f.b.i. recently it was shut down for about four weeks but then what right is it shut down this message popped up and was sent out to everyone and what it says it was sent out by dread pirate roberts and what it says is we are proud to announce though that our new security measures include emergency stress. to ensure that in the event of silk road demise once more no member will lose their coins we have learned hard lessons from the unfortunate events of recent weeks and the man hours that have gone into this new released are phenomenal so it is back up and running now interestingly the website which is notorious for selling illegal goods like drugs and guns apparently also funds charities and this very uplifting letter it says we have already committed a large percentage of revenues to good causes charities and organizations who support our cause or have similar interests so selling guns and drugs to support
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charities what do you think about the idea that the f.b.i. shut it down but it's kind of like that head that you cut one off and several others pop up can the f.b.i. and other organizations really stop innovation when it comes to the internet. it's more important it goes back to the question of freedom and that's the idea behind silk road is that they want to create a marketplace. where there were no rules there were there was no government to come in and say what you could and couldn't do and they were going to let the world decide what the marketplace should look like and while i can't necessarily advocate selling you know harmful drugs and weapons. you know secretly through this site i can. appreciate the necessity of freedom and the ability to make decisions that others would disagree with and that's exactly what's. so
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road and bought. and i think if we look at history will we see that society is no matter what government does will always tend towards wanting to be free wanting to be free to make their own choices whether they're right or wrong with our levantine owner and operator of love about l.l.c. thank you so much for joining me thanks for having me. today republican lawmakers in florida's house of representatives are holding firm on the controversial stand your ground law that has come under fire over the past year lawmakers are holding a vote today on house bill for zero zero three which would repeal key provisions in the self-defense law and require of victims to try to escape and retreat from a potentially deadly situation before resorting to lethal force that vote is expected to fail the bill was proposed by democratic representative alan williams in the wake of the highly publicized highly politicized george zimmerman trial this
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is the law that set zimmerman free after he shot and killed seventeen year old trayvon martin that ruling resulted in country wide protests and a demand to end this contentious law those who support stand your ground say repealing it would put control back in the hands of criminals now this is the same law that michael dunn intends to invoke in his trial he's the florida man who pulled out his gun at a seven eleven and fired round after round into the car next to his filled with teens who were playing music that he says was what much too loud that shooting resulted in the death of seventeen year old jordan davis now those who closely follow the bill through the senate legislature said that it was doomed to fail from the start in the republican controlled house will have to see if that happens though however another bill one that would really work but not repeal the existing stand your ground law is already moving its way through the senate and has a better chance at passing. well we've heard of cases before where nefarious
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americans are milking the unemployment system in the u.s. for a free ride but what if i told you that tens of millions of dollars now are meant to help families get through tough times are going to get this prison inmates in new jersey alone prisoners found they found that prisoners actually had a way to. cheat the system out of more than twenty three million dollars and unemployment benefits and medicaid in recent years artie's parian boring explores how all of this is possible and what is being done to combat the problem. while the us house is more prisoners than any other country the prisoners here have found a new way to continue to break the law even when they're behind bars billions of dollars in unemployment benefits are being and properly paid out in the u.s. many of which are fraudulent going to incarcerated people across the country
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tonight it appears over a million dollars in your tax money went to criminals behind bars who were hardly looking for work while in jail garcia received unemployment checks sixteen hundred dollars a month for a year and a half in the last four years more than one thousand seven hundred texas prisoners those benefits behind bars but there's a new sheriff in town his name representative david reichert former washington state's king county sheriff is bringing his law enforcement background to battle this very issue on capitol hill over the last five years there's estimated to be at least fifty eight billion dollars that have been issued in fraudulent requests to be on point and response he introduced the perp act permanently ending receipt by prisoners act to make it absolutely clear that people in jail are not eligible to collect unemployment insurance benefits if you're in jail you're not available to go to work you should not be receiving unemployment insurance check right but how
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does this happen in the first place glenn jacobs the founder of the tennessee liberty alliance weighs in i think it makes our society less compassionate because instead of thinking that i need to help my neighbors and i need to be the person to help somebody who might be in trouble we just say well there's a government program for that they should go down the unemployment office well there are people that take advantage of the system states also lack the resources to adequately implement checks and balances. it's as the department of workforce development commissioner in indiana testifies about in congress on don't think they have the staff or the resources to go after unemployment insurance fraud nor do they have the expertise it is such a unique field and this problem grew a much worse during the economic downturn when the unemployment rate shot up to historic highs the need for improved integrity became evident during the great recession and the lack of integrity in the system led to dramatic increases in benefit payments significantly higher benefit payment errors and doubling of employer taxes between the years of two thousand and two and two thousand and four
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eight million people claimed unemployment benefits totaling twenty eight billion dollars since the two thousand and eight financial collapse twenty four million people have claimed unemployment totalling two hundred fifty two billion dollars while many people rely on these funds just to make ends meet waste fraud and abuse is up which tender is the programs integrity and representative reichard is ready to put a stop to it or take it back to the days when i was driving a troll car if you don't stop people for speeding. right everybody thinks they can speed so we don't hold people to the law on a freeway and start citing people for doing over seventy miles an hour pretty soon everybody's doing in unemployment fraud is a criminal offense and what the representative reichert's initiative and washington state are starting to ramp up efforts to prosecute offenders anyone gaming the system by cashing undeserved checks could face possible prison sentences and the inability to collect unemployment in the future. and washington d.c.
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perry and boring party. well more than two years after a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami rocked japan to its core and through its nuclear reactors in a frenzy nuclear engineers are entering perhaps the most dangerous stage of containment for the fukushima daiichi power plant this week teams are preparing to remove the highly sensitive uranium and plutonium fuel rods from the facility experts with the tokyo electric power agency or tepco say that it is an extremely tricky process but a necessary step in order to decommission the power plant after the worst atomic accident in a generation artie's alexy you're a chef he is in tokyo and talks about how dangerous this mission is. tracking these rods from the pools is a really hard task because each one of them called weighs more than three hundred kilograms and they cannot even hit each other this would cause a nuclear chain reaction not only these pools are crippled but the machinery the
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automated machinery doesn't work as well so everyone has to be extracted from the pool manually the tepco company running the fukushima clear up process and the japanese government are now in a vicious cycle situation because on the one hand they need to remove these fuel rods they are contaminating the water as has been reported in the waters of the fukushima nuclear power plant and on the other hand of course this is a very risky venture because they have to literally extract every rod and there's more than a thousand of them and each rod has to be extracted manually we also managed to take a peek inside the no go zone in other areas and you know what what shocked me the most and surprised me the most and i'm saying that by my experiences of travelling to the explosion zone in chernobyl that in the fukushima area the towns which are just close to the station ten fifteen kilometers away from the station they have been reopened for residents were literally so people rebuilding their houses in this area in case anything happens these people would have to be really evacuated again and or putting themselves under very serious risk well in fact in the
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fukushima region itself there are several n.g.o.s who are did not believe the government and the tepco organization in their measurements of the radiation levels the one which struck me the most and we talked with them yesterday the movement called the mothers of fukushima these are ordinary women who are afraid for the safety and health of their children they bought radiation meters which the cheapest of them cost around a thousand u.s. dollars and they are just but trolling the areas taking their own measurements and sending them to the government but the government as they say is doing nothing is not considering the radiation measurements as if they're trying to play down the scale of the things happening even in tokyo in front of the industrial ministry there's a peek at there's a protest happening for already eight hundred days with the people there protesting against nuclear energy and the. actions of the government and the tepco so you can see how serious the rhetoric of the anti-nuclear movement is now in japan even though they say that their voices being often silenced by those that power that was
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our key correspondent alexei euro cesky and that does it for now i'm meghan lopez i'll see right back here at the top of the hour. it's. only for great productivity gain are you a paying prisoners a dollar a day to do eight or ten or twelve hours of work per day they're the most productive workers in america are the prison population and the policymakers in washington want to turn the whole population into a prison population and then they can say look the so productive willing panel of dollar a day will get all these license plates the get the stamp oh there's. more to getting people to play a lot of tickets and go to the casinos and blow their want of taxes so productive. we're not psyched to active camps have
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a long time where patients are forced to come out of our strike never turn the world's attention to the place that sometimes gulag of our times. cross talk rules and if it doesn't you can jump in anytime you want.
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there i am marinate and this is boom bust here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. first up the federal reserve is considering changing the goal posts heard short term interest rates will get beyond the jargon that's coming up right ahead and jockey grease the wheels of power on capitol hill as one of the most infamous lobbyists in d.c. ever and iran sat down with us earlier today to talk about dodd frank and the politics of money you won't want to miss that one and ever wonder what goes on behind the doors of the gilded doors that is of goldman sachs we've got the guy who can tell you author stephen man does it work to goldman for more than a decade and joins me in studio today to discuss his new book but for now let's get this through.


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